DMDJ is an Environmental Simulation App created for the modern Digital Storyteller.

For various reasons DMDJ plays back Environmental Sounds and the user cannot pause this feature, unless he/she chooses to playback music in Solo Mode.

We know that some people would love to have only the sound effects playing and stop the rest of the sounds. But there is a problem to it.

You see, the sound content that we are offering comes from the best selection of sounds in the world, we have an extensive research team and a lot of budget put, in achieving to license content that you hear in big Hollywood films and games within DMDJ. Those sounds have specific licensing because many people worked hard to create them, and they do not allow you to make yet-another-sound-machine.

On the other side, many people tend to use those sounds, when isolated, in their own production, recording the output of app like ours and in the end gaining money from stealing the hard work we all do. You see, professional software offering similar features with our size of content and real-time mechanics costs around 15000 euros, and they get to mute selectively and use the sounds for production.

We are working on mechanics that may be able to put in DMDJ one day, to allow for someone to input their own sounds in there and use them. But as we speak, both iOS and Android does not allow playing back more than one track of custom content, and that is the music that you can import. So this is something that has to open form the operating systems in order for us to create a solution.

So, in order to protect our trusted partners and to be able to provide you with an App in a fair price range but with features previously available only to high bid profesisonals, we need to keep the sounds mixed while playing back.

If in some point on your storytelling, you like a more subtle sounding experience, you can choose to Dim the Mixer or play back a very quiet setting like the simple Forest in day in the lowest Intensity Level.